Cabin and Condo Cleaning Checklist

Here’s what you can expect from our residential cleaning service.

□   Inspect all rooms before cleaning begins to assure neither damages nor items missing.
□   Check to see if any personal items may have been left and list and secure same.
□   Gather and count all soiled towels and linens; wash and dry prior to replacement.
□   Check entire CABIN/CONDO for readiness prior to leaving.

□   Empty dishwasher, make sure dishes are clean and dry before placing in cabinets.  Clean exterior of dishwasher.
□   Remove anything left in the refrigerator and thoroughly clean inside and outside
□   Clean oven exterior top of range and front.  Interior cleaning is an option.
□   Check and make certain all appliances look spotless and smell pleasant.
□   Clean and polish all counter tops.
□   Clean/Polish table and any mats, dust decorative items.  Wipe off seats or dust upholstery.
□   Clean out toaster, coffee pot and microwave.  Polish each item.
□   Vacuum, sweep and mop thoroughly.  Floor should be clean, bright and odorless.
□   Check counter and cabinet supplies so that there is sufficient for next user.

□   Clean and deodorize shower/bath and toilets.
□   Clean vanity top and sink.
□   Place extra toilet paper and tissues under cabinet at customer’s option.
□   4 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 4 wash cloths in each bathroom at customer’s option.
□   Clean floors thoroughly especially around the tub/shower and toilet areas.
□   All mirrors should be clean and spotless.

Living Room and Bedrooms
□   Clean around all furniture and dust and polish.  Moving of furniture at customer option.
□   Vacuum, sweep, or mop each floor thoroughly depending on the type of floor.
□   Dust all furniture, baseboards, lamps, lamp shades, accessories and ceiling fans.
□   Clean all glass doors as needed.  Window will be cleaned at customer’s option.
□   Clean exterior of fireplace.  Interior will be cleaned at customer’s option.
□   Clean under sofa and chair cushions.
□   Any mirrors should be clean and spotless.

Recreation Areas
□   Check pool tables for damages and missing items.
□   Check ping pong tables for damages and missing items.
□   Clean and check outside grill and prepare for use.
□   Clean hot tub filter, cover and tub interior.  Drain and/or add chemicals.
□   Decorative items, gifts, novelties, maps and other items may be provided upon request as a customer option.

Ask about our additional services including CARPET AND WINDOW CLEANING.

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